An Overview of SoftChalk

This one hour and fifteen minute Short Class will show the many features of SoftChalk Cloud and Create. In this overview, you will see how to create your own SoftChalk Cloud Account, how to install the SoftChalk Create App, how to create folders to manage each of the five SoftChalk Cloud content storage areas, how to Create SoftChalk Content, how to edit a Soft Chalk create lesson, how to create a new SoftChalk Create lesson using a Word document and easily make it into an interactive web lesson by choosing a theme and layout, how to save your lesson, and create interactive activities and text annotations. Lastly, you’ll see how to deliver content into a Learning Management System or on a web server.

The key takeaways for this lesson are:

how to copy from Word
how to apply a Theme and Layout
how to save a lesson
how to preview a lesson

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