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Get Started Guides

  • SoftChalk Cloud Quick Start Guide – This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting-up your SoftChalk Cloud account, creating SoftChalk lessons, saving your lessons to the Cloud and adding links to your LMS.
  • SoftChalk Cloud Guide – Complete details on using your SoftChalk Cloud account to create, manage and share digital content.
  • SoftChalk Create Guide – Step-by-step instructions for SoftChalk Create, the content authoring program that comes with your SoftChalk Cloud account.
  • Student Guide to SoftChalk Lessons – Guidelines and tips for students using SoftChalk lessons.
  • Migration to SoftChalk Cloud Guide – Information for SoftChalk desktop users who are migrating content to SoftChalk Cloud.

LMS Integration Guides

The LMS integration guides below give step-by-step instructions for adding SoftChalk Cloud lesson hyperlinks and LTI links into your LMS. By using LTI links, you can capture student scores into your LMS gradebook.

These guides also include a section for LMS administrators to enable the LTI feature to work with SoftChalk Cloud LTI links.

SoftChalk Cloud

SoftChalk Desktop Version

PowerPoint Integration Guide

SoftChalk Create Desktop Installation Guide

Accessibility Guide

Enterprise SoftChalk Cloud Administrator Guide

New Features and Enhancements

SoftChalk Resources Guide