Choosing the Right Content Authoring Tool

Which content authoring tool is right for you? SoftChalk Cloud Individual Subscriptions SoftChalk Cloud Team Subscriptions
Create Digital Content Individual Team Enterprise
Create engaging, interactive digital content, quickly and easily
Content is compatible with most Learning Management Systems
Templates to create/embed interactive activities, games and quizzes
Apply professional design styles to content and customize your own styles
Search media repositories to easily insert images, video, websites, web widgets and more
Produce portable, HTML5 content for activities that learners can access from desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets, smart phones
Create a personal library of learning objects for reuse in multiple content items
Works with Windows and Macs
Package for LMS using SCORM, zip, common cartridge
Content is created, hosted, and managed in the Cloud for easy access and updating anytime from anywhere
Content format is non-proprietary, open standards compliant HTML5, Javascript and CSS
Publish to CD or as an EXE file
Host Content, Collaboration, Track
Student Results
Individual Team Enterprise
Content is created, hosted, and managed in the Cloud for easy access and updating anytime from anywhere
Deliver your Cloud content by pasting the url in an LMS course, emailing a link, or embed in another website
Students access your content via their LMS, and scores go directly into the LMS gradebook
Create once, use lessons in multiple courses, in multiple LMSs. Need to modify? Update all courses simultaneously
Reliable student score result tracking and access to view detailed student response data
Lessons, activities, quizzes, media files and widgets can be saved as objects and reused to create new content items
Each Cloud content item is assigned a unique permanent url that never changes
Share with the community by contributing to and discovering content in the SoftChalk Share public learning object repository
Discover thousands of free learning resources in the SoftChalk Share learning object repository. Embed or link to these resources in your own courses. Or copy and customize them using your SoftChalk Cloud account.
Previous versions of your content are automatically saved for easy restoration if needed
Collaborate in real time with colleagues via shared folders
Administrative Features Individual Team Enterprise
Secure, scalable SaaS platform. No setup, IT configurations, desktop installs or software license management
All work protected against accidental loss of data, with online storage and automatic backups
Private centralized institutional repository for shared content/media
Institution maintains administrative control of platform content assets
Features for institutional branding and customizing of the platform
Management of “permission groups” with varied rights and space allocation that can be modified for each group
User management via password resets and the ability to view the site as a specific user to troubleshoot user issues
Institutional control of storage space assignment to users
May be integrated with campus single sign on service
Ability to monitor feedback received through the site


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