Prince William County School – Virtual High School – VA

Prince William County Schools’ Virtual High School program offers students the flexibility needed to achieve their individual goals.

Although virtual schools still account for a relatively small portion of the educational options available in the US, they’re now one of the fastest-growing forms of school choice. An early pioneer in the virtual high school movement, Prince William County Schools’ (PWCS) Virtual High School (VHS)—established in 2000—began with just three courses and one teacher. Today, the program offers 22 courses and enjoyed a record enrollment of 760 students this past summer, giving even more individual learners the opportunity to achieve their educational goals, graduate on time, and gain invaluable experience with 21st century technologies.

In June 2013, PWCS’s Virtual High School program (VHS@PWCS) was presented with a Digital Content and Curriculum Achievement Award at the International Society for Technology in Education conference, recognizing its innovation and hard work to implement digital content and curriculum.

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This case study was conducted by Desire2Learn with help from SoftChalk. 

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