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SoftChalk Cloud for Individuals

Create-Your-Own interactive, digital curriculum content for delivery inside or outside of your learning management system.

You must be employed by an accredited educational institution to qualify for educational pricing.

You must be a current student at an accredited educational institution and provide documentation of this prior to purchasing SoftChalk Cloud at the student price. Fax or email a copy of your current student id to 757-257-0027 or prior to completing this purchase process. You will receive your license key when appropriate documentation is received by SoftChalk.

You must be a government/military employee to qualify for this pricing.

Standard retail pricing.

SoftChalk Cloud for Teams

SoftChalk Cloud for Teams

Includes features to enable your team of educators, curriculum specialists and instructional designers to create digital curriculum content for use by your institution.

Contact us for information and pricing for SoftChalk Cloud for Teams subscriptions:

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Private SoftChalk Cloud for Institutions

SoftChalk Cloud for Institutions

For institutions that need a privately-branded Digital Curriculum Authoring Platform to create, manage and share their digital curriculum content system-wide.

Contact us for information and pricing for Private SoftChalk Cloud for Institutions:

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SoftChalk License Restrictions

System Specifications

Looking for SoftChalk Create?

Our award-winning content authoring software is included with SoftChalk Cloud along with many
additional features that allow you to create, manage and share your digital curriculum content!

Which SoftChalk is right for you? cloud SoftChalk Cloud for Teams Private SoftChalk Cloud for Institutions
Create Digital Curriculum Individual Team Institution
Create interactive, engaging digital curriculum using SoftChalk Create
Track Student Score Results Individual Team Institution
Deliver content to students and automatically track score results (results can be integrated into an LMS gradebook or tracked outside of an LMS) Up to 250 students per subscription 1,000+ students per team 1,000+ students per site
Collaborate with your Curriculum Team Individual Team Institution
Collaborate in real time with colleagues via shared folders
Previous versions of each content item automatically archived
Create a private community repository of shared content/media
Customizable Platform Individual Team Institution
Ability to integrate with your campus single-sign-on service
Administrative reports and ability to manage user rights and privileges
Customization of site features, branding and platform integration
Premium Support Individual Team Institution
Self-service web-based training, user guides and FAQs
Unlimited priority email support and unlimited help via our support portal
Live, phone-based assistance from support techs
Start With Success training program which includes web-based workshops and may include onsite training (depending on license level purchased)

A Great Companion Product for Your LMS