About Us

At SoftChalk, our goal is to provide content authoring tools that enable every educator to create awesome online course curriculum that will engage and delight their students.

We’re not crazy!

When we first started SoftChalk, many in the education and publishing world said to us: “You’re crazy—educators don’t want to create their own digital content! They don’t have the time or skills to do that!”

We have proved them wrong.

For more than 15 years, educators have used SoftChalk to create their own rich, interactive, engaging online lessons. Whether developing an entire curriculum for a new program or course, creating supplementary materials or developing personalized learning materials for a particular student group—SoftChalk is the educator’s choice because it’s fast, it’s easy, and the content you create is “awesome.”

We play well with others!

At SoftChalk, we’ve been pioneers in developing content authoring solutions that interoperate with virtually any LMS platform. Working with our colleagues at the IMS Global Learning Consortium, we have been involved in the development of interoperability standards such as LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability), Common Cartridge, and Caliper to ensure that the content you create with SoftChalk works when and where you need it. In addition, we actively partner with major LMS providers to ensure easy interoperability of SoftChalk content in whatever LMS platform you might be using.

See our Partners page for a complete list of our LMS, technology, sponsoring, and media and publishing partners.

We have history!

While “online learning” is still a relatively new and constantly evolving concept, SoftChalk has been part of the eLearning ecosystem from the beginning. Founded in 2002, SoftChalk is the result of work its founders began in the mid-1990s. That early work resulted in the creation of one of the first commercially available learning management systems in the world, Web Course in a Box, which was later acquired by e-Education leader, Blackboard Inc. SoftChalk evolved from a desire to provide better tools for creating interactive learning content for delivery in learning management systems.

May we “Toot Our Own Horn” (and yours)?

SoftChalk has been honored many times over the last 15 years for our innovative products. We’re especially proud of the awards we’ve won based on user nominations but we’re also honored to have received numerous awards from industry competitions.

But honestly, as exciting as it is to get an award, what really gives us the greatest pleasure is the feedback we get from SoftChalk users. When we get a call or an email from a SoftChalk user to tell us they are delighted with our product—that is truly the best accolade of all. And even better, is when our users receive accolades for what they’ve created with SoftChalk:

I have received tremendous feedback on the SoftChalk courses. It’s just amazing. The employees think I’ve created some kind of miracle!

– Jeanne Siedow, instructional designer, HealthEast Care System

I decided to use SoftChalk to make my training tutorials more dynamic and interactive. My colleagues at Blackboard were blown away by the appearance and experience of the new tutorials—if only they knew how easy they were to create!

– Nancy Edwards, Support Analyst, Blackboard Inc.

Our team is local, but our reach is global.

The SoftChalk team, includes a dedicated group of current and former educators who are committed to enabling the global education community to get their geek on!

Founded in Richmond, Virginia, USA, our in-house product development team never stops working to make our products more powerful and easier to use. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is a passion for our in-house, world-class, customer support team.

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