Baltimore City Public Schools

“SoftChalk has made it easy for our teachers to be creative, innovative, and successful.” – Ron Beazer

Clark County School District

Blended Schools Network

University of Minnesota Physicians

“We have been nothing but extremely pleased with the choice we made to go with SoftChalk. SoftChalk allows me to work with instructors who have a background in teaching but not in instructional design and to develop great courses using those folks as well as other subject matter experts so that we get courses that look great, navigate cleanly, that are easy for the end users.” – Michelle Gross

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

“When we saw SoftChalk, we fell in love with it for a couple of reasons: One, it was very easy to use and two, if gave us a lot of flexibility.” – Roxann Hubert

Duke University

“Technology is only as smart as the person using it,” says Lyn. “SoftChalk allows teachers to use their brain power on lesson planning, not struggling with how to sleuth out technical aspects of instructional technology.” – Lyn Hawks

Tyler Junior College

“I use SoftChalk in my Anatomy and Physiology lecture courses online. Having created my text and determined what links I want, I can combine text with images, videos, animations, and external links very quickly. Even better, I can provide small self-assessment tools (quick quiz questions, crosswords, drag/drop) that break up the text and allow students to stay focused on important points.  Because I keep original text, original art/video, and files of publisher-provided media, updating my pages is fairly painless.  Adding new pages or other new content is also simple.  Students like the interactive features—it really helps them gauge their understanding.  This is the main attraction of SoftChalk for me.” – Instructor


“Once I saw SoftChalk in action, I knew it was the solution faculty needed when creating content. I decided to use SoftChalk instead in order to make the tutorials more dynamic and interactive. The lessons are much more interactive and engaging for the audience. My colleagues at Blackboard were blown away by the appearance and experience of the new tutorials—if only they knew how easy they were to create!” – Nancy Edwards, Tier One Support Analyst

Kentucky Community and Technical College System

“SoftChalk has a fairly intuitive user interface, so you can create materials that students find engaging, and faculty can put their best foot forward into the online learning environment.” – Walter Barlow

Texas Workforce Commission

“Unlike our old software, which required a week’s worth of training, SoftChalk is incredibly easy. The first day I downloaded the demo off the Internet I was developing my courses. It’s as simple as using Word™ or PowerPoint™.” – Houston Hill

HealthEast Care System

“I have received tremendous feedback on the SoftChalk courses. It’s just amazing. The employees think I’ve created some kind of miracle!” – Jeanne Siedow

Hampton City Schools

“SoftChalk allows us to easily organize information for both teaching and professional development because it makes it so easy to integrate our own content and then add SoftChalk’s interactive activities. Here in Hampton City Schools, we love having this resource to assist us in our instruction. Using SoftChalk for my work has helped me be more productive so that I am working smarter, instead of harder.” – Nancy Terrell, NBCT, Teacher Librarian

University of Texas at Tyler

“SoftChalk provided a framework that was easy for users of any level to navigate. Various learning modalities were incorporated into the training (print, audio, and video); appealing to a wide range of learning styles and needs.” – Cindy Smith, Director of Instructional Design

OC Global

“SoftChalk supports our mission, and our mission is data driven.” – Corey Davis, Executive Director

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