“… the ease of use of SoftChalk is really evident by the fact that we “got it” within just a few minutes. We will be exploring more webinars as they appear online and look for as many new opportunities to learn more.” Diane Berthoin-Hernandez, MA, Assistant Director of Learning & Credit Options, Virtual Scholars Program, Portland Public Schools

Portland Public Schools

“I would like to take a moment to thank the entire SoftChalk team that has helped the PPS Virtual Scholars team get up and running on SoftChalk. From the initial set up to the thorough trainings, we are off and running. This was an amazingly smooth process enhanced by outstanding customer service.” Diane Berthoin-Hernandez, MA, Assistant Director of Learning & Credit Options, Virtual Scholars Program, Portland Public Schools

Portland Public Schools

“… the design of SoftChalk is intuitive, very well thought out, and respectful of the busy life of a teacher. You have thought of so much already and I can’t wait to see the product continue to evolve and anticipate our every move. Thank you to each of you for the part you have taken to help this team feel successful.  :)Diane Berthoin-Hernandez, MA, Assistant Director of Learning & Credit Options, Virtual Scholars Program, Portland Public Schools

Illinois State University

SoftChalk makes it so easy to create online instructional modules. Even without the additional activities, the program would still be hugely beneficial due to its ease of use, the automatically-created navigation options, its accessibility features, the control over page styles and formatting, and the many ways you can publish your work. Add to that the many instructional activities and you have everything you need to create rich, engaging content. And the Learning Object Repository is a fantastic service for people to share their work and to explore the work of others. I foresee a thriving community of SoftChalk enthusiasts taking instructional modules to the next level!Christopher Lackey, Illinois State University

California State University

“I am a CSU user and have implemented my Math 101 class entirely using SoftChalk. It is a lifesaver and makes my work independent of any LMS. I have loaded modules on Blackboard, Moodle, CourseCompass and WebCT Vista. All works well.” Jan Costenbader, Manager, Classroom Technologies, California State University

Duke University

“SoftChalk gets students engaged by allowing them to interact with content in meaningful ways that require critical thinking and thoughtful responses. SoftChalk is our go-to software to transform lessons into interactive experiences.” Lyn Hawks, Duke University

Disability Compliance in Career and Online Learning

“Because I lecture to others about making online education accessible to students with disabilities, I need to be sure that anything I put together is fully accessible to begin with.  Not only does SoftChalk make it possible to construct lessons with built-in accessibility, the system is every bit as easy to use as they say it is!” Janie Jarrow, Disability Compliance in Career and Online Learning

Thomas University

“I love having access to the media search tool. With this, I don’t have to leave the SoftChalk application to find YouTube videos or photos and I end up using more media in my content. My students enjoy the interactivity and I feel as though it’s making a difference in the classroom. Best of all SoftChalk is so easy to use! It’s even easier than easy.” Dr. Suzie Cashwell, Thomas University

Montgomery County Community College

“When I took the course for online education, I was introduced to Dreamweaver and almost decided not to continue because of how complicated the software seemed. I found SoftChalk and realized that creating online lessons doesn’t have to be difficult. I’ve created over 20 lessons for my online courses and I can attest that SoftChalk’s slogan is correct—it really is easy to use!” Brenda Martin, Assistant Professor, Montgomery County Community College

Seminole Community College

“SoftChalk is extremely user-friendly and allows users to quickly create professional-looking web pages and develop interactive games and activities with ease.  Many of our faculty use SoftChalk to create gradable SCORM objects for use in their online courses. They love the fact that SoftChalk doesn’t require a lot of technical training.” Wilma Lopez Hodges, Manager, Distance Learning Services, Distance Learning Department, Seminole Community College