About Us

SoftChalk is the leading provider of content authoring software for educators in K-12, colleges, universities and medical programs. With SoftChalk, educators can create professional, engaging, learning content quickly and easily, which enhances their teaching and improves the learning experience for their students. Educators at institutions using SoftChalk have said, “SoftChalk has revolutionized the way that faculty teach.”

Our History

Founded in 2002 by Sue Polyson Evans, Robert Godwin-Jones and Peter Huneke, SoftChalk is a privately held company located in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Evans and Jones have a history of innovation in educational technology, having worked on a project in 1990s that resulted in the creation of one of the first commercially available learning management systems, Web Course in a Box, which was later sold to E-education leader Blackboard Inc.

SoftChalk came about as an extension of the early work with learning management systems, when Evans and Jones recognized that although educators desire to create sophisticated, interactive content, they typically do not have the time to learn complicated authoring tools. To address this need, they created a software product based on these principles: the software had to be simple to use, yet powerful enough that educators could create truly interactive content. And the lesson content had to be portable for use in virtually any learning management system or on any web server. The result was SoftChalk.

In 2012 SoftChalk launched a new product called SoftChalk Cloud, which includes a web-launch version of the SoftChalk desktop authoring solution (called Create) as well as flexible ways to manage, share and track eLearning content.