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Give you and your teams the opportunity to dive further into applicable AssetWorks tool stacks so that you can advance your skills and take the most advantage out of your systems. 

By purchasing an ACE + SoftChalk package, you will be able to: 

  • Access ACE training programs for your entire team for the length of your subscription. From the date of purchase and for the length of the subscription, content can be accessed anywhere, anytime.  
  • Take advantage of SoftChalk immediately. Easily create and distribute online training programs to your teams and more.
  • Get onboarded on how to use and make the most SoftChalk
Complete the following check-out form to finalize your purchase. Purchases are securely managed through Stripe Payments If you have any questions or require alternative purchasing options, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at or with your AssetWorks Account Rep. 

Purchase Conditions: 

  • At the end of the initial term, if you choose not to continue your subscription, you will no longer be licensed to use the ACE and/or AssetWorks branded content. 
  • This subscription prohibits users from sharing URLs which display ACE content, or other AssetWorks branded content with other educational or learning institutions.
  • If you purchase custom content from AssetWorks or make your own content, it can be exported at any time and before the termination of the subscription with no restrictions on its use. 
  • The ACE subscription does not cover other non-AssetWorks software-specific training lessons that may be offered in the future.
  • If you or your main campus chooses not to renew the SoftChalk site subscription, your ACE subscription will not be eligible for renewal. 
  • The ACE + SoftChalk subscription is for your organization’s facilities department only and does not include licensing for academic units.
  • ACE Content renewals are tied to your SoftChalk subscription; as such both will be up for renewal at the same time. 
  • The ACE + SoftChalk package subscription will grant author access to 5 individuals, and allow you to provide training/courses to 1500 learners (those within your facilities organization). Add-ons such as additional storage and professional services can be purchased separately.

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