SoftChalk is everything you need to create interactive e-learning 

Our flexible subscriptions give you:
  • Award-winning easy-to-use course authoring software
  • Access to your cloud content from anywhere in the world
  • Integration with all LMS types
  • Live and on-demand training by e-learning experts
  • Detailed learning outcomes tracking
Save time spent on course authoring with SoftChalk.
Laptop screen showing interactive content options for Softchalk lesson development, magnifying various games such as crosswords, memory, sorting, slideshow, labelling, image map, drop n drop

Save time with our easy-to-use content authoring platform

 No coding required. Educators and staff of all technical skill levels can make interactive content that students love. Build from scratch or transform existing material in minutes using SoftChalk to create beautiful, responsive course content.

Take your content where you go

Create content that’s uniquely yours and deliverable virtually anywhere that can accept web content, including Learning Management Systems. (LMS). Use your web browser to login to SoftChalk Cloud and access your content from anywhere in the world.

man in coffee shop using laptop with headphone
Woman standing in restaurant holding tablet with Softchalk lesson on it that says Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Scope & Standards

Meet learners where they are

Create content that is accessible from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. As long as your students have an internet connection, they’ll be able to learn from your custom SoftChalk courses with ease.


When we saw SoftChalk, we just fell in love with it. It was very very easy to learn and use. It gives our courses a professional look. And the built-in tools in SoftChalk that allow you to put in self-checks, really help students know where they are in the course before they have formal assessments or grades.

Roxann Hubert
West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

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