Visit us in the Exhibit Hall to see SoftChalk Cloud in action

See SoftChalk Cloud at WiDT&L 2016

Check out these sessions:

  • Creating Web-based Learning Activities to Support Diverse Learner
    Wednesday, August 10th – 2:00 – 2:45 pm – Learning Stage
    Diane Painter, Shenandoah University
    David Evans, SoftChalk LLC

    Download paper written by Dr. Painter: “Creating Web-based Learning Activities to Support Diverse Learners

  • SoftChalk Cloud eTools Demo Session
    Tuesday, August 9th – 5:00 – 5:20 pm – eTools Demo Stage, Ballroom
    David Evans, SoftChalk LLC

Visit us in the Exhibit Area to see SoftChalk Cloud in action!

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SoftChalk Cloud for Educators

SoftChalk Cloud’s award-winning solution provides content authoring, a learning object repository, content management features and a robust student score tracking system—and it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your learning management system.

  • Develop more affordable eLearning programs.
  • Quickly and easily make the transition to online course delivery.
  • Improve online course quality.
  • Increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.
  • Create content that is modular, reusable, and LMS-agnostic.

About SoftChalk

SoftChalk digital curriculum authoring and hosting solutions are critical to the success of K-12 eLearning initiatives, providing educators an easy, affordable way to create-their-own interactive content that engages students and inspires learning. Lesson content can be delivered in a LMS, on a web-server, mobile devices or in the cloud.