Introducing SoftChalk Inspire…

a new “lite” version of our SoftChalk Cloud Authoring Platform is now available—exclusively for K12 teachers!

You asked, and we heard our K12 teacher community asking for:

  • A lower-cost SoftChalk option for individual K12 teachers
  • A faster, easier startup option for K12 teachers
  • All the features to enable K12 teachers to create-your-own online lessons in minutes!

Every day more and more classes are moving online…


These days, every teacher needs to be able to deliver lessons online.  And yes, your school or district may provide you with great online content—developed by curriculum teams within your own school system, or purchased from publishers. But…

  •  What about all the great off-line content that you’ve developed yourself and now want to make available to your students online?
  • What about those times when the publisher-provided content doesn’t meet a specific student or class need?
  • What if your school doesn’t yet provide online content but you and your students want to make the shift to online learning?

With SoftChalk Inspire, you can create your own online lessons quickly and easily…

  • Include interactive games, quizzes, videos and graphics
  • Keep your students engaged and motivated!

Try it for 30 days for free…

then only $10/month to subscribe. (Cancel at any time.)


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