How are Community Colleges using SoftChalk?

SoftChalk Cloud is the fast and easy way for you to create high quality, online lessons that are interactive and that engage students whether for skills training, content support for adjunct faculty, affordable content alternatives for learners or content for a variety of non-academic orientation and training requirements.

Skills Training

SoftChalk can easily be used to develop and deliver critical training to a wide variety of learners in various professions. Examples of successful programs include workforce training, nursing, culinary arts and automotive technology… but the sky is the limit! By creating-your-own content, you can address the technical, behavioral and mind-set skills required by employers for various professions.

Support for Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty and professional trainers come and go over time, but SoftChalk makes it easy to individually or collaboratively create, manage, share and seamlessly update content for immediate access by the learners.

Affordable Content for Learners

SoftChalk is an affordable software solution for the creation and sharing of lessons and related learning materials that can eliminate the cost of expensive textbooks and other media. SoftChalk can save valuable time for instructional developers, faculty, trainers and learners as they create and interact with learning content from any location on any device via the Internet.

With thousands of lessons now stored online, electronic tablets are viewed by educators as a new method for encouraging students to interact and be creative with their learning. Not only can the devices hold hundreds of digital textbooks, they are lighter to carry than a printed book and help students better prepare for a world immersed in technology.

Not just for Course Content…

SoftChalk can be used for a wide range of applications beyond academic programs. Many schools find SoftChalk to be a great way to provide online orientation, personal development and critical security and safety training for students, faculty and staff. View a few Soft Skills and Teaching Orientation lessons on our Sample Lessons by Discipline page.

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