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Using the SoftChalk eReader

For additional information about using the SoftChalk eReader, see our:
Student Guide to SoftChalk Lessons.

For information on creating eBooks from SoftChalk lessons, see our:
SoftChalk Cloud Guide.

Look Up a Word in the Dictionary

Click or press on a word and select Search dictionary.
dictionary2Read the definition and then click the left arrow to return to your eBook.

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Add a Bookmark

bookmark1A bookmark marks a page in the lesson. To place a bookmark, click the bookmark icon in the left sidebar and then click Add a Bookmark.
bookmark2Type a name for your bookmark, select a color and then click Add.
bookmark3See a list of all your bookmarks by clicking the bookmark icon in the left sidebar. Click a bookmark title to go to that page, or delete the bookmark by clicking the X next to the title.

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Add a Comment

Adding comments to an eBook is a way to make notes in specific areas as you read.

comment1To add a comment, click and hold on a word on the page. A menu will appear. Select Create comment and type your note.
comment2Enter your comment and click Comment to save the notes.
comment4An icon will appear in the right margin of the page indicating there is a comment located there. Click the icon to read, edit or delete the comment.
comment3See a list of all comments in the eBook by clicking the comments icon in the left sidebar. Click a comment title to read the full comment or edit/delete the comment.

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Add a Highlight

It can be helpful to highlight words or sections of the text as you read.

highligt1To highlight text, click and hold on a specific word on the page. Use the selection handles to include more words in your selection. A menu will appear. Select Highlight this.
highligt2If you want to delete the highlight later, just click the highlighted text and select Delete Highlight.

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Update an eBook

See the Update an eBook section in the Student Guide to SoftChalk Lessons.

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