Community College Testimonials

Kentucky Community and Technical College System

SoftChalk has a fairly intuitive user interface, so you can create materials that students find engaging, and faculty can put their best foot forward into the online learning environment.

– Walter Barlow, Kentucky Community and Technical College System


South Louisiana Community College

Using SoftChalk has radically improved the delivery of information in the Electrical Technology program at South Louisiana Community College. Thanks to the features in Create, I have improved the quality of my activities and eliminated the need for textbooks. Lowering the cost of attendance is always a home-run for my students, but enhancing their experience while reducing the price is a grand slam.

– Lane Gunnels, Electrical Technology Professor


Tyler Junior College

I use SoftChalk in my Anatomy and Physiology lecture courses online. Having created my text and determined what links I want, I can combine text with images, videos, animations, and external links very quickly. Even better, I can provide small self-assessment tools (quick quiz questions, crosswords, drag/drop) that break up the text and allow students to stay focused on important points. Because I keep original text, original art/video, and files of publisher-provided media, updating my pages is fairly painless. Adding new pages or other new content is also simple. Students like the interactive features—it really helps them gauge their understanding. This is the main attraction of SoftChalk for me.

– Instructor, Tyler Junior College

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