CSU SoftChalk Contract

SoftChalk Cloud

The CSU Office of the Chancellor has negotiated a contract with SoftChalk to provide significantly discounted costs for individual SoftChalk Cloud subscriptions for CSU faculty and staff. Additional SoftChalk sponsorship is available to faculty participating in the Course Redesign with Technology program.

SoftChalk and the CSU Course Redesign with Technology

The CSU Office of the Chancellor has purchased 150 SoftChalk cloud accounts, each valid for two years, in support of its initiative to promote the development of affordable learning materials by faculty and for its students. Faculty who are selected for funding as part of the Proven, Promising, Virtual Labs and Quality Assurance programs, can request an account through the RFP process, with the objective of developing affordable materials for students enrolled in their redesigned course.

About SoftChalk Cloud

SoftChalk Cloud’s award-winning, multi-function platform combines content authoring, hosting, sharing and management features with an easy way to build and deliver device neutral content seamlessly through your LMS with gradebook integration. —For further information, download a SoftChalk Cloud flyer or visit www.softchalkcloud.com.

CSU SoftChalk Cloud Subscription Information

We have 150 (2-year) individual subscriptions that we offer to faculty through their application for the Course Redesign with Technology program. In addition, any CSU faculty can purchase an individual subscription at the negotiated price shown below:

  • Individual User Subscriptions my be purchased as well:
    • $99 for an individual one-year subscription (vs. $495 retail price)

All subscriptions include:

  • Web launch version of SoftChalk Create—Award winning content authoring tool
  • For each user, this includes an annual subscription to a locally installable version of SoftChalk Create (for working offline)
  • Unlimited use of SoftChalk Cloud’s Learning Object Repository—SoftChalk Share
  • 2GB storage space per end user—additional storage may be added to an account in 2GB increments for $100/year
  • Content access controls
  • eBook Builder solution
  • Over 20 subject matter neutral activity sets
  • Quiz and Quiz grouping for formative assessment
  • Media integration: images, audio clips and video
  • Repository search and integration—examples: Merlot, Kahn Academy, Getty Images, YouTube, etc.
  • Unlimited Polls and Ratings
  • Learning Object and My Files storage areas
  • Mobile and tablet device formatting automatically
  • Learning Management System and LMS gradebook integration with LTI enabled LMSs
  • Automatic content hyperlink generation—each piece of content saved to SoftChalk Cloud is automatically packaged and generates a unique link. This link is used to deliver content via LMS, blog, email, intranet, faculty website, etc.  Edits to linked content are made once in the SoftChalk Cloud and simultaneously update to all linked locations.
  • Detailed learning outcomes tracking within LMS grade area or within SoftChalk Cloud using Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) and/or SoftChalk Cloud ScoreCenter for up to 250 students per account (no lockout)
  • Unlimited use of self-paced web-based training aides
  • Unlimited access to public short course webinar series
  • Automatic platform updates/upgrades

Easy to get started!

SoftChalk Cloud is available on any computer that has an internet connection and a web browser. It includes SoftChalk Create for content creation with anywhere, anytime access and the ability to manage, share and track learning content in one place with easy integration into your LMS. You have multiple content areas in the your personal account within which to save your content; this reduces the risk of loss with local storage and enhances the ability to deliver and share content. There is also no need to package zip files or executable lessons because you can link lessons from your SoftChalk Cloud account into your LMS or simply give the hyperlink to your students. For further details, choose from the following:

Contact your SoftChalk representative, Paul Miller paul@softchalk.com.

SoftChalk will be happy to demo their tool for evaluation purposes and will provide training at a negotiated rate.

Purchasing discounted individual SoftChalk Cloud subscriptions is easy—simply contact paul@softchalk.com or sales@softchalk.com and they will be happy to assist. Is one license not enough? There is also the opportunity for larger team-based licenses for your department, college of study or entire campus.

Supported Web Browsers and Information for Firewalls

Help Topics

You can access additional resources from the Help menu in SoftChalk Create or from our SoftChalk Support Center.

Training Programs

Register for our free, one-hour online training webinars available from the Help menu in Create or on our Short Courses registration page. Topics include SoftChalk Overview, Embedded Media, SoftChalk Cloud, Quizzes, the SoftChalk ScoreCenter, and much more.

Video Tutorials

View our pre-recorded videos. The videos are only a few minutes long, so they provide a quick way to get up-to-speed on SoftChalk Cloud.


If you need additional assistance, please e-mail us at help@softchalk.com.

We hope this information provides you with an opportunity to better serve the needs of your faculty, staff and students as they author instructional materials for their teaching, learning, and instructional support.

If you have questions about this opportunity, please feel free to contact: