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Instructional Design for Online Learning (Step One)

    This is the first in a series of blog posts addressing key steps for creating high-quality online learning content. … Read More

New in Create Online—Create and Edit Next Generation Activities!

New Activity Editing in Create Online! The SoftChalk team is excited to announce that new Activity creation and editing functions have been added to Create Online—the quick and easy way to update your SoftChalk lessons directly in your web browser. … Read More

NEW Next Generation Sorting and Ordering Activities now available!

NEW Next Generation Sorting and Ordering Activities now available! … Read More

Teaching in COVID-19 Times: PART 2

  In these COVID-19 times, we are all learners. Teachers, students, and families are learning new skills, pedagogies, and technologies. While new learning and professional growth is exciting, it is also exhausting. Be kind to yourself, your students, and their … Read MoreRead More

Teaching in COVID-19 Times: PART 1

  The coronavirus (COVID-19) has put us all in a world that we did not see coming. The rapid deployment of social distancing took many by surprise, and each state, school, and individual teacher will contend with their own unique … Read MoreRead More

Ditch Your Textbook With SoftChalk’s Online Course Authoring Software

  With textbook prices constantly climbing, the need for affordable alternatives has become a high priority for both educators and learners. But how can you reduce or remove the need for a course textbook while still ensuring that learners have … Read MoreRead More

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