Challenges & Winners

We sponsor several challenges and contests to award SoftChalk clients that are doing exciting things with our software.

Lesson Challenge


See the 2015 Lesson Challenge winners.

The SoftChalk Lesson Challenge is a contest held annually that allows SoftChalk users to submit their best and most creative lessons and eCourses for recognition and a chance to become one of our three winners. A judging panel, made up of educators from across the nation, will score the lessons based on a unique subset of the Quality Matters judging rubric. Lessons are judged on specific categories including creativity, professionalism, interactivity and how well the lesson reinforces student learning. The Lesson Challenge is our way of nationally recognizing those educators doing remarkable things using SoftChalk.

Be sure to check out the winners from our past challenges:

Winners from Previous Years:

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Y I LOVE SoftChalk Video Contest

Y I LOVE SoftChalk is a video contest where SoftChalk users submit videos telling us why they love SoftChalk. We kicked off the contest at BbWorld 2010, at the League for Innovations 2011 and at our SoftChalk User Conference in 2014. We hope to continue the contest by having a video camera at other conferences we attend in the future—watch out, we might just ask you to be on camera!