SoftChalk Create

Your content couldn’t be more portable.

Package and publish lessons

Share your eLearning content with students and colleagues via the Internet, your Learning Management System, a file or web server, CD-ROM, SoftChalk Cloud and other learning object repositories. Your content has never been more portable.

One-button publishing is available for Blackboard™, Sakai™, MERLOT™, SoftChalk Cloud and other learning management systems and content sharing software. A variety of packaging options are available for sharing your lessons including SoftChalk ScoreCenter format, CD-ROM format, Executable Lesson format for PC and Macintosh platforms, and IMS™ Common Cartridge format.


A mobile-friendly version of your learning content is automatically generated each time you create with SoftChalk Create. The learner’s device is automatically detected and the appropriate version is delivered to their smart phone, tablet or computer.

Track student scores

SoftChalk ScoreCenter makes it easy to track student score data, whether you’re delivering your content in a Learning Management System, on a website, in a classroom or “in the cloud.” ScoreCenter works with lessons hosted on SoftChalk Cloud and is fully integrated into the Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle learning management systems. Score data from SoftChalk Create content goes directly into the Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle gradebooks.

Other ways to track student scores

With SoftChalk Create, you can automatically record student scores in SCORM-compliant LMS gradebooks and track both lesson completion times and lesson status times for each student. This can be done by packaging your lessons and courses in SCORM format.


SoftChalk Create makes it easy for you to add metadata for your content. Metadata categories include Subjects, Education Levels, Keywords/Details, State Curriculum Standards and Accessibility. SoftChalk is the first Common Cartridge specification v1.2 conforming application, which allows curriculum standards alignment at the cartridge, resource and assessment question levels. Digital content, with the curriculum standards attached, can be shared in an interoperable way using this IMS Common Cartridge exchange format.

Information on SoftChalk Create’s Keywords and Details tab follows the Dublin Core standards for metadata. Creative Commons licensing is also available for SoftChalk authored content.

Interactive self-check questions

Use “QuizPoppers” and “Quiz Groups” to add comprehension questions to your lesson. QuizPopper questions can be added anywhere to allow the student to test their understanding of the lesson material. Seven types of questions are available: true/false, multiple choice, multiple answer, short answer, matching, ordering and essay. Students receive immediate feedback after answering questions. SoftChalk Create quiz questions can also be imported and exported from Respondus™ and Blackboard™ quiz pool formats.