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SoftChalk Cloud is the fastest, easiest, most flexible way to create and manage digital curriculum for delivery inside or outside of a LMS. Educators can create engaging, interactive, media-rich learning content that directly integrates with any LMS or website.

Who is it for?

SoftChalk Cloud is designed for educators, instructional designers and students who need an easy way to create-their-own engaging, media-rich digital learning content that is portable and flexible.

Educators experience these benefits when using SoftChalk Cloud to create, manage and share their digital curriculum:

  • Anytime, anywhere access. You can login to SoftChalk Cloud from your web browser, to create and modify content online using SoftChalk Create (web launch). You can work offline by installing Create (local launch) on your computer. You can even edit to your lessons from your iPad or tablet using Create Online, our browser ‘quick editor.’
  • Accessible. SoftChalk is committed to ensuring that the learning content that our product produces is usable and accessible by all students.  We focus our efforts on ensuring that SoftChalk produces content that is screen-readable, and can be navigated by students who may be limited to using a keyboard only when accessing the content. See our Accessibility Statement for details.
  • Transition-proof content. Content created in SoftChalk Cloud seamlessly integrates with almost any LMS. An institution’s content can stay put, even if they switch their LMS, and a single SoftChalk item can be used in more than one LMS simultaneously.
  • SoftChalk Share.  Discover SoftChalk Share, SoftChalk’s very own learning object repository. SoftChalk Share provides instant access to thousands of free learning resources to share and customize. Share your eLearning content with the community, or reuse and customize learning objects to meet your individual needs.
  • Efficient content management. One SoftChalk Cloud content item can link into multiple courses in multiple LMSs, and track student score results into multiple LMS gradebooks.  When content is updated, it is done once and every course is updated simultaneously.
  • Track student score results. SoftChalk Cloud allows tracking of student score results either inside or outside of the LMS gradebook. Detailed score tracking results allow educators to understand what students got right and wrong, and how long they spent on the content.
  • ScoreCenter works with lessons hosted on SoftChalk Cloud and is fully integrated into the Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle learning management systems. Score data from SoftChalk content goes directly into the Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle gradebooks. You can automatically record student scores in SCORM-compliant LMS gradebooks and track both lesson completion times and lesson status times for each student.

What sort of account do I need?

SoftChalk Cloud requires a subscription account. Find out pricing details and sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

Every SoftChalk Cloud subscription comes with SoftChalk Create, our award winning digital curriculum content authoring tool, making it easier than ever to create, share, deliver and track engaging eLearning content. With SoftChalk Create in the Cloud, you can create amazing, interactive content with no programming skills.

With SoftChalk Create in the cloud, creating your own content comes with endless possibilities!

SoftChalk content is always interactive, engaging and accessible!

Self-Check activities. Use “QuizPoppers” and “Quiz Groups” to add comprehension questions to your lesson. QuizPopper questions can be added anywhere to allow the student to test their understanding of the lesson material. Ten types of questions are available: essay, feedback question, matching, multiple answer, multiple blanks, multiple choice, ordering, sentence completion, short answer and true/false. Students receive immediate feedback after answering questions.

Text annotation. Use “TextPoppers” to define terms, provide related information to the student, or as an interactive question and response activity. Creating TextPoppers in your lessons is quick and easy.

Activities and games. Give your learners a rich, interactive experience by adding activities to your lesson. Choose from over 20 different learning activities (Charts, Crossword Puzzle, DidYouKnow, DragNDrop, FlashCard, HotSpot, Jigsaw Puzzle, Labeling, Ordering, Photo Album, Seek A Word, Slide Show, Sorting, Tabbed Info and Timeline.) All learning activities are HTML5 based and designed for mobile devices.

Images, audio, video and media. It’s easy to embed images, audio, video and other media and create media links within your lesson. SoftChalk Create supports virtually all image and media types, including gif, jpg, png, wav, au, mp3, mpr, aiff, ram, avi, mov, mpg as well as PowerPoint, Word, Flash and Shockwave files. You can also embed any web page or pdf file into your lesson using the iFrame tool.

New Feature - Hosted StylesUpload files for easy access and updates. Practically any file type can be uploaded to your My Files area for easy accesses and updates. This includes zip-packaged files created by Camtasia, Captivate, Articulate, along with images, documents, spreadsheets, media—you-name-it! You can even upload one or more of these file types at a time. If you choose, you can insert a ‘reference’ to your files rather than include them as part of your lesson. The main advantage for referencing your files is that you can update your files once—in the Cloud—and the references will be automatically updated wherever they’re used in your lessons!

Widgets. Widgets enrich your lessons with functionality, useful information, and can be a great resource for lesson content. You can find educational web widgets online and easily insert them into your lesson.

Easy to build engaging, media-rich content—no coding skills required!

Easy-to-use interface. SoftChalk Create opens with a blank document displayed. Simply click your cursor in the editing window and begin typing—just as if you were using your favorite word processing program. You can also copy and paste formatted text from Microsoft® Word, html documents, web pages, or other content authoring tools into SoftChalk Create, and the formatting is preserved!

Media search tool. The Media Search tool allows you to create your own, personal media collection with thousands of media resources available to you at the click of the mouse. You can perform keyword searches across multiple media repositories at one time to locate images, videos, audio, text, animations and more to support your lesson content. Learn more about the Media Repositories available within SoftChalk Create’s Media Search tool.

Foreign languages. Reach a wide audience by customizing your content for one of 12 built-in languages.

Professional. Create lessons with a professional-look by selecting from more than 60 different style templates with designer headers and callout boxes. Or, use SoftChalk Create’s popular StyleBuilder tool to create a “personal style” for your lesson content or your institution. Can’t achieve the look you’re looking for? Contact us to discuss custom style templates designed to meet your specific needs.

Metadata. SoftChalk makes it easy for you to add metadata for your content. Metadata categories include Subjects, Education Levels, Keywords/Details, State Curriculum Standards and Accessibility. SoftChalk Create is the first Common Cartridge specification v1.2 conforming application, which allows curriculum standards alignment at the cartridge, resource and assessment question.

For more details or to sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit the SoftChalk Cloud website.